Our Technology


CA Sensor Technology’s dosimeter combines years of radiation detection research with the feedback from industry professionals. The result is a compact, lightweight device with the most accurate radiation  sensor on the market, and super easy for individuals to use. Our software is built on a secure, flexible cloud platform which helps you to better manage your data. With the CA Sensor Technology dosimeter you can perform your daily tasks with confidence, while we will warn you of any environmental radiation which you may face.


Key Differentiators:

Size and ease of use

Dimensions: 2.4in x 1.4in x 0.5in

Weight: 0.8 ounces

CA Sensor Technology’s dosimeter is small enough to slide right into the pocket of your shirt and weighs less than 1 once. This means that you can easily keep with you at all times. Unlike the radiation detection badges, CA Sensor Technology’s dosimeter comes with a LCD screen which shows your current dose readings. This means that you do not need to log into another device to check the radiation around you.


Radiation Detection sensitivity range and accuracy

At 1.5cps/uSv/h Energy, CA Sensor Technology’s dosimeter provides the same level of detection sensitivity and accuracy as professional grade devices which are typically much larger and weigh a lot more.


Ease of Use

With CA Sensor Technology’s dosimeter, you can check your current dose reading with the click on one button. For more features such as accessing historical radiation reading data, you can use our intuitive and secure mobile phone application.