Dental and Medical Professionals

Dental and Medical professionals come across radiation everyday each time xray machines are operated. CA Sensor Technology prepares health organizations with a comprehensive radiation prevention strategy by offering users the ability to quickly and accurately detect the radiation around them, and for administrators to review and analyze radiation at a site level for all of the managed users. 



To bring a new life into this world is a daunting task. If you are concerned about radiation affecting your pregnancy, then our dosimeter is the solution for you to be confident about the radiation levels in your surroundings.  


Frequent travelers

When you are 30,000 feet about the around you are likely to incur more radiation, likely 20-30% more than when on the ground in fact. To ensure that your total radiation levels are in check, CA Sensor Technology provides aggregated data to measure radiation accumulation throughout a period. 


Health conscious individuals

You don’t have to work in a medical setting, live around nuclear reactors, or be frequent traveler to be worried about radiation exposure. If you are worried that you are in contact with radiation, or simply wish to know the radiation levels around you, then let CA Sensor Technology help you to verify.